For the first time introduce the mental calculate method of Wang Weida, the coach of National Abacus Team, into Shanghai, family, and start up the education experiment and research of making abacus education look on small children.
1989 For the first time introduce it into kindergarten in Shanghai, has taught more than 10000 children.
Hold a job as abacus teacher in vocational secondary school,  and start up the education experiment and research of making abacus education look on teens.


I first knew Mr. Wang Weida from report of <<Wen Hui Daily>>and then we started to communicate by letter. Later I visited his home with my son to learn from him.
Student (5 years old) demonstrating Mindabacus was evaluated top prize of Shanghai TV Station Donghai Cup Intelligence Competition, unique skill group. Photo1        f Video Photo2
1988.5 I knew Mrs. INOTE from Japan "National Abacus News", and started to communicate by letter. Photo1 Photo2
Student (5 years old) demonstrated Mindabacus in China Japan Student Friendly Abacus Competition in Chinese, English, and Japanese.    "Shanghai Abacus"1988.9.25

Consigned by assistant secretary-general's autograph letter, I help to contact Shanghai Experimental School on trying establishing class of mental arithmetic. The class started contemporarily with other two classes. "Shanghai Abacus"1989.8
1989.8 Student (6 years old) was evaluated Shanghai Happy Family Summer Camping Unique Skill Show top prize   Photo  Video
1989.9 I was invited for the first time to teach Mindabacus to mid/high grade primary school students
I wrote a letter to the Chairman of Shanghai Abacus Association, calling on comprehension & support to my children abacus teaching.
1990.7.20 The first student of Mindabacus set up a Newspaper "Children Abacus"
Received the reply letter from Shanghai Abacus Association, and presented my teaching plan & practical program in one week.
1990.8.10 Make abacus education fitted to small children was published in Shanghai Abacus
Coach Wang Weida and his 3 National Abacus Team players were invited to visit East China University Of Science and Technology, College TV Station reported. Photo Video
Optimize the family dextrocerebral education condition was evaluated excellent medal of monograph in '91 Shanghai Young Couples' Festival. Certificate
Presented National Computer Aid Mathematic Teaching Symposia at my own expense. Published Try computer aid abacus education.

For the first time did student go up on the stage of Macrocosm Genius World Record Arena, students were evaluated winner of stenography&rapid calculation(4 years old), and winner of mental calendar calculation(8 years old, can accept question in Chinese, English, and Japanese). Photo1 Photo2

Student was selected into Shanghai Team, the youngest in team(7 years old) but memorizes the most( 12 digits),  to competed with counterpart in Nanjing through electric wave in reverse-stenography.
Student's "Rapid Calendar Calculation Method" was evaluated spirit prize of YiLiDa Youth Creation Prize, Dr. Yang Zhenning signed his name on the certificate. Photo1 Photo2
1992.7 Student received interview of HongKong Asia TV in Chen Baoding Suanpan Museum. Photo1 Photo2
1992.10 Student (5 years old) demonstrating Mindabacus was evaluated silver medal of '92 Shanghai Guihua Festival.  Photo
Student demonstrated Mindabacus, stenography 20 times in Youth Palace, for the celebration of Song Qingling's 100th  birthday. Photo Video
1993.2 Shanghai TV Station broadcasted a special film of interviewing student "Rapid calculation children". Photo
1993.3 Student was evaluated excellent medal in Shanghai Macrocosm "children show off their skill" activity. Report
I resigned to learn computer, to buy computer, to pluraliz as reporter, to say good-bye to engineer, and  started to abacus teaching profession.
1993.6 Student's "Series of mini calendar calculator" was evaluated spirit prize of YiLiDa Youth Creation Prize.
Went to Zhejiang Cixi as a journalist of job market newspaper to interview Taiwan Child Abacus Fetcher Group, and participated the Cross strait abacus technology communion activity. Report
1993.10 Held a education activity at Shangzhong Road Kindergarten with Singapore children.  Photo
1994.6.1 Held "Small frog funny Mindabacus competition" at Xuhui Youth Palace.   Photo Report
1994.7 Went to Beijing as a special journalist of job market newspaper to present&interview the Modern Abacus Theory & Practice Seminar.
1994.9 Started to popularize two-handed abacus operation and Mndabacus for teens among vocational secondary school students. Video

Singapore Abacus Research Association Chairman Mr. Wang Jingzhi and his companion , accompanied Chen Baoding, visited Kindergarten of  East China University of Science and Technology, and watch children's Mindabacus show. Xuhui Cable TV Station reported. Photo


The Abacus art party was held at China Xinqiao Vocational Secondary School. Children from Kindergarten of  East China University of Science and Technology and students there practised two-handed visual abacus, two-handed audio abacus, routine abacus, blind abacus together. Children practised 3-digit audio continuous plus&minus, 2-digit continuous plus&minus 20 numbers, calculating in foreign language etc. Xuhui Cable TV Station reported. Photo1 Video
Students demonstrated Mindabacus skills to teachers&students of Yaozhong Shanghai International School in Chen Baoding Suanpan Museum. Photo1 Photo2
1995.7.4 Met with Singapore coteries at home.
1995.8 Met with Mr. Zeng Chunzhao of Taiwan Zhurenwen Abacus Delegation. Photo
Watched the National Youth Mental Abacus Competition in Yixing, and participated National mental abacus education symposia. Photo1
1995.8.23 Exchanged views on abacus with Dino Wong, managing director of World China Mental Abacus Association (Malaysia)  Photo
1995.10 Started to train teacher team (both can mindabacus and teach mindabacus) on the base of teen mindabacus. Photo1
1995.10.2 Held child Mindabacus Demo (including 39 digits reverse-stenography) in '95 Shanghai Guihua Festival. Photo
Coach of National Abacus Team Wang Weida came to my school to chat with some of students and teachers, stimulating their interest of learning Mindabacus. Photo
Presented Shanghai Education Association Child Education Psychology Committee Annual Conference, published the prized paper Make abacus education psychological
1995.12.16&19 Received interview of Xinhua News Agency in Shanghai Government Kindergarten and my school. Photo1 Photo2
1996.5.1 Held a Mindabacus consultation in Longhua temple fair. Photo
1996.10.2 Held a Mindabacus Demo at Guilin Park in '96 Shanghai Guihua festival, Job Market No.43 reported Photo1 Photo2
Held '97 Mindabacus Demo in Xuhui Youth Palace. Shanghai TV , Shanghai Oriental TV, Xuhui Cable TV Channel 2 reported. Photo1         Video Photo2
1997.5.31 Held "Celebrate children's day, Play suanpan" activity at Xiangyang Park. Photo
Participated in '97 Shanghai International Youth Festival of Art in Xuhui Youth Palace, gaming with Russian, Japanese children. Photo
Students demonstrated Mindabacus art to teachers&students of Shanghai American School, People Daily reported ( 1997.11.24 East China Section, Page 1) Photo
1998.2 Shanghai TV broadcasted 《Suanpan grandpa and suanpan children》 Photo
1998.3 Shanghai Cable TV broadcasted 《Small suanpan rich knowledge》 Photo1         Video Photo2

Visited Japan to attend International Academic Communion Conference and Celebration of Donghai Abacus Union's 75th birthday and visited its suanpan collection, invited by its Chairman Oya. Dr. Nakano and I gave speeches on behalf of Japan and China. Photo

1998.9 The first student of Mindabacus entered Fudan University at the age of 15.
1998.11 Received interview of CCTV in Chen Baoding Suanpan Museum, broadcasted in the "Private Collection". Photo
1998.10.25 Dr. Nakano and his companions visited back, we met at Shanghai Pearl Hotel.
Received interview of Shanghai Oriental TV, "Friday Files" No.62 broadcasted "What is the usage of suanpan today?" CCTV, Shanghai Satellite TV rebroadcasted. Photo1
Video Photo2
1999.4.8 The author of Learning Revolution, Gordon Dryden visited the Mindabacus website.
Invited to attend the "Two Sides of Channel Family Education Symposia", and introduced the learning revolution of China family ----- Mindabacus
1999.6.7  Received interview of Jinshan TV in Jankang Road Kindergarten. Photo1         Video Photo2 Photo3
The Chairman of Japan Donghai Abacus Union Mr. Oya and his companions visited Shanghai, we met at Doctor Frog Hotel.
2000.5.28 Held 00' Mindabacus Demo----Cross-strait children celebrate "6.1" play suanpan Photo1 Video
2000.6.24 Students demonstrated Mindabacus on the commencement of Ming Hang Huacao Kindergarten, Ming Hang TV reported. Photo Video
2000.8.11 President of Taiwan World Abacus Cultural Relic Museum Mr. Cai Jingyu visited Shanghai there times, exchanging ideas on abacus with Pro. Chen Baoding, honourary commissioner of China Abacus Association Gu Mingqing. They watched the Mindabacus Demos, visited web site Mindabacus Education Net and Chen's Suanpan Museum. Photo1 Photo2
2001.4.19 Produce team from US BANG Production Co.Ltd. Hongkong branch filmed a documentary &quot;The evolution of Shanghai Banking Business&quot;. They interviewed the Mindabacus teachers &amp; students, and "The King of Suanpan" Mr. Chen Baoding in his Suanpan Museum. Video Photo1 Photo2
2001.5 《For the Children》reported Mindabacus in page24-25. My easy growth up with mindabacus  "Little genius" Pan Jiaqin
2001.5.27 Held 01' Mindabacus Demo----children celebrate "6.1" play suanpan  Photo1 Video Photo2
2002.1.25 & 27 Mindabacus teacher and student received the interview of OTV (Orient TV) at Chen's Suanpan Museum and our classroom at Jinpu tower. Photo Video
2002.1.29 Mindabacus teacher and student participated in the program 'Lucky family heirloom' at SBN(Shanghai Broadcast Network). We hosted the 65 years anniversary of Chen Baoding's suanpan collection ---- The usage of suanpan today in Shanghai Science & Technology Museum on 2002.2.22. Photo1 Video
Photo2 Video
2002.6.1  "Mindabacus 2002 Children Festival Celebration" was held in XuJiaHui Park. Photo Video
2002.6.6 Met with Mr. Cai Jingyu in Chen's Suanpan Museum and JinPu building. Photo
2002.8.1 Visit Cheng Dawei Abacus Archives in Yellow Mountain. Photo
2002.9.15 Mindabacus' first student Shen Tianrui and famous abacus collector Prof. Chen Baoding received interview from CCTV (China Central TV) Photo
2002.11 Calligraphy present from president of Taiwan World Abacus Cultural Relic Museum Mr. Cai Jingyu “Mindabacus No.1?/td> Photo
2003.8.19 The lecture titled The Ancient & Promising Chinese Abacus, one of the lecture series Chinese Unique Culture, was held in Shanghai Craft and Art Museum, Mr. Shen Tianrui gave the lecture to 15 overseas guests from 5 countries. Students also performed the Mindabacus art to the guests. Photo  Video
2003.8.27 Mrs. Vasanthi Ranganathan, Director, Genius Education and Learning Systems visit Shanghai to negotiate and sign the agreement on bringing Mindabacus program from China, the mother country of abacus, to India. Shanghai Mindabacus Consultants Co. Ltd. will help GELS launch Mindabacus program and train the teachers in India and offer technical support . Photo Video
2003.9.25 Mr. Shen Tianrui introduced Chinese abacus to French guests at the Shanghai French Association abacus lecture, held in Shanghai Craft and Art Museum Photo
2003.10.4-11 Mr. Shen Tianrui visited India Genius Education and Learning Systems for consultancy and conducted teaching training. Photo
2004.4.9 Brits Abroad hosted an abacus class lectured by Mr. Shen Tianrui for its member at Shanghai L'extase Restaurant. Xinhua News Agency reported Photo


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