Mindabacus was developed from ďAbacus mental arithmetic? With abacus as main teaching tool, idea function as core concept, Mindabacus targets on developing childrenís whole brain and stimulating their multiple natural potentials at an early age.

Abacus is a proven technique for the brain development. What set Mindabacus apart from traditional abacus training is that it is an innovative children oriented aerobics for human brain. Children are guided to play abacus in mind and do other thinking exercises under the condition of concentrative and comfortable, which is best for the flexibility and efficiency thinking.

Mindabacus programs strengthen childrenís attention; develop their perception; raise their computing capability; improve their logic thinking; expand their memory; enrich their imagination and enhance their sensitivity to the surroundings.

Mindabacus is the first to introduce abacus mental arithmetic into pre-school children in Shanghai and the first to establish abacus web site in China-Mainland. Since 1987, Mindabacus has earned a reputation of quality teaching and innovative concept.

At Mindabacus our mission is clear: Help children challenge their intelligence threshold; enhance their thinking quality to a visible and reachable perfect level. Mindabacus staffs stand ready to serve its studentís need. You are welcome to join us.


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