1.  Catch the opportunity, meet the challenge

2.  Features of mindabacus education

3.  Learn to make choice

4.  The fact will eventually be written into history records

5.  Association from sports to education

6.  Calculate through your mind

7.  Step out of the wrong place of thought

8. 18 laws of quality education promotion

9. New discovery in thought research----Xinhua agency Washington 97.3.19

10. Mindabacus--new concept of abacus education----1998.8.23 presentation on International Abacus Conference in Japan

11. Approaches on children oriented abacus education----Shanghai Abacus 1990 No.62

12. Approaches on application of psychology in abacus education---- 1995.12.2

13. Children mindabacus education don't have level examination----1999.11.28

14. Optimize the family right-brain education environment---- 1991

15. Approaches on early & multiple development of children's potentials----1989.1 

16. My easy growth up with mindabacus  ----ˇ¶For the childrenˇ·2001.5B P24-25

17. "Little genius" Pan Jiaqin----ˇ¶For the childrenˇ·2001.5B P24-25

18. May we feed on fancies?----discuss about children's right-brain development 1994.1.24 people market weekly

19. Find the success of my own----1997.9.16 people market weekly

20. Ancient abacus new appearance----Mindabacus education attracts children 1997.4.21

21. The puzzle of abacus----1997.11.24 People Daily

22. Genius children's paving stone----1993.7.28 people market weekly

23. Japan-China friendly abacus student team visits China and participate in a friendly match in Shanghai----Shanghai abacus 1988.9.25 frontpage 

24. Ancient abacus adapt to modern era ----1993.9.14 people market weekly

25. Xuhui district host childrens mental arithmetic arena----1994.6.13 people market weekly

26. Shanghai children show their unique skill----Xinmin Daily 1993.3.13

27. Abacus education become popular again----1996.10.21 people market weekly

28. My son learning abacus----ECUST weekly 1990.10

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