Student received interview of HongKong Asia TV in Chen Baoding Suanpan Museum. Student (5 years old) demonstrating Mindabacus was evaluated silver medal of '92 Shanghai Guihua Festival. Student demonstrated Mindabacus, stenography 20 times in Youth Palace, for the congratulation of Song Qingling's 100th  birthday.

Shanghai TV Station broadcasted a special film of interviewing student "Rapid calculation children".

Hold a both way education visiting activity at Shangzhong Road Kindergarten with Singapore friend

Hold "Small frog funny Mindabacus competition" at Xuhui Youth Palace.  

Singapore Abacus Research Association Chairman Mr. Wang Jingzhi and his companion , accompanied Chen Baoding, visited Kindergarten of  East China University of Science and Technology, and watch children showing  Mindabacus. 

Abacus art communion party was held at China Xinqiao Vocational Secondary School

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